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None Emman Myers psychicsglobal.com heartspells.net

Post by Maggie on 2011-06-14, 18:03

If she used scare tactics then it was to get you to buy a spell or curse removal she may possibly have not done.

Emma Myers at psychicsglobal.com, also does works through heartspells.net.

told the member few things which made her feel pressured into buying
the spells. Two months after the spell results are not clear.

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None Re: Emman Myers psychicsglobal.com heartspells.net

Post by blu_eyes on 2011-08-13, 01:27

Alright, so I initially had gotten my thread about this caster deleted since I was concerned about who may be poking around here, but it's come to the point where I feel I need to say something about it.

Emma Myers has not answered her phone for at least a month now, and has not returned any of my calls.

Oh, and...her SITE HAS BEEN DELETED! Yes, there could be something going on here that isn't as bad as it seems, but my suspicions of her have just quadrupled.

She has another site called Heartspells, which is obviously affiliated with Psychics Global, but I am still very P.O.'d. Maybe I'm speaking too prematurely, so this isn't quite a "certified scam" yet. Just thought I'd vent this out.
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