Elemental Love Styles by Dr. Craig Martin.......

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None Elemental Love Styles by Dr. Craig Martin.......

Post by tsen on 2011-04-23, 03:22

This book by dr.Craig Martin is a great book.... it'll help you to understand what kind of person and what kind of love you have to offer?

Since most of the people here seem to be regarding love situations...... I thought of posting this thread. If you have already read this book, you're wellcome to share your thoughts and ideas

IF AND ONLY IF you're interested you can go ahead, read and understand what it says. welcome come to share your thoughts and ideas......

one more thing: this is completely a different kind of philosphy(i hope simply i can use the word philosophy) made by the author.people can come up or produce new philosophies.may be it will not upto what you belive.... and the book you'll have to find it out in a public library or have to buy it or you can dowload the itune version.


I thoroughly emphasize that this is not for promoting someone or something else. People who're not interested don't have to check or read it.

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