Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-02, 11:54

jcm: no problem! was what i needed to read too, lol.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by joanna on 2011-08-02, 12:07

thanks geri.

here's something I found that I really enjoyed after you started posting the enoch tan material:
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-02, 12:17

thanks, jo! just another of what i needed to read too, lol Smile
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-02, 12:33

A Proactive Approach!

by Phelan (

During the ritual or spell casting process it is highly imperative that you maintain a positive focus and it is just as important to stay focused on your goals after your rituals have been completed. Making the decision to take a proactive approach before starting any magical process is always a good idea, but it is never too late to take charge of your magic and to manifest your desires, I am sure that you have heard the old saying, "It is not over, until it is over!" I am a firm believer that as long as the breath of life is within, the opportunity to change the course and direction that we are sailing in is still very much present, all that is required of me and you is to tap into our esoteric being and release our magic upon the winds of change.

As a practitioner I have worked with clients from all walks of life and I can tell you that when it comes to love, it matters not whether a person is wealthy or poor, granted dealing with a broken heart may be a little easier when you are a person of means, but heartache is all the same and the pain that is felt from love that has shattered is as sharp as the day is long and when a love affair has ended prematurely and there are lessons left unlearned and karma left unfulfilled, the pain and loss of that relationship will be felt with a strong sense of regret, and a never ending feeling of failure!

Listen close to the following words, failure is simply not an option, through the esoteric process of spell casting and ritualistic magic all things can be accomplished, and although failure is not an option, it will and can become a reality if you refuse to allow your magic the room to flow and to work unhindered, free from the clutter of your negative mental state of being!

Casting a spell and then constantly questioning the validity of your magic will gravely undermine and weaken it and constantly worrying about how long it is going to take to manifest your desires will produce the same disastrous results, instead of wasting valuable energy worrying about whether or not your magic will manifest, you should be taking a proactive approach to make sure that it does, staying mindful of your desires and magically motivated will help you with the task at hand and focusing on how much your heart aches without the one that you love by your side will only perpetuate the energy of an already negative situation and prolong your agony, the day that you decided to follow a magical path to resolve your problems, should have been the day that you made a conscious decision to change your negative behavior into something positive, freeing yourself from the negative life patterns that you have fallen into, the harder you push trying to urge your desires into manifestation, the further away your desires will become and being that your desire is to reunite with the one that you love, in essence instead of drawing the one you love closer, you are pushing your lover away from you as if you developed a special love-repellent just for him or her!

I am a firm believer in staying magically motivated when it comes to manifesting my desires and goals, I do not believe in the overkill theory that some practitioners cling to, I do believe however that there are many different esoteric approaches that one may take in reference to utilizing magic for any given situation, for instance if you are working to reunite with a lover, not only are love spells useful, spells to jump-start or enhance communication would also be beneficial, a ritual to aid in the sexual attraction would also be a good compliment, and of course you have to look at the broad stroke of the situation, in many cases there are influences that need to be dealt with in a direct manner, such as friends or relatives who might be causing interference or even a rival who might be vying for your lovers affection.

Spells and rituals are meant to effect change and there are no definite time periods in which the energy from a ritual or spell may manifest, now there are certain spells which are cast to manifest results in one fashion or another in a specified time-frame, however, these types of spells are more of a crap-shoot in my opinion, anytime you place a time restraint on the energy of a ritual a mixed bag of nuts is likely, or you may produce just the opposite result of that in which you were working towards to begin with, I learned in my early years that it is best to put the energy out there and then ask the Goddess and powers that be for their blessing, otherwise one needs to be prepared for what is coming down the track!

The more that you worry about your lover sleeping with someone else, the higher the probability will become that he or she does, magic is pure energy, thoughts are pure energy, every single thought that you and I have are a part of us, everything on this planet was born from a thought, every invention at one point or another was simply an idea, and ideas are nothing but thoughts, it was the will and intent behind those ideas that brought their physical state of being into play, everything that you and I can feel, sense or touch was but an idea at one point or another.

Cast your spells and conduct your rituals with a strong will and desire and throw your magic to the four corners of the universe and get on with your life, allow your heart to heal and sweep the cobwebs of deceit from the dark corners of your mind by enlightening your being with a dose of spiritualism, for there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than manifesting results through the casting of a spell or conducting of a ritual and there is no greater feeling of failure than to realize that you have totally destroyed the energy of your magic by clinging to the negativity of your past and reverting back to your old self destructive habits that created the mess that you are trying to purge yourself of!

When a spell is cast the esoteric wheels of change are set into motion, in fact the only reason to cast a spell or to conduct a ritual is to bring about change and keeping in mind that magic, whether it is dark or light is one in the same, the only thing separating the dark from the light is the intent of the practitioner, the will of the practicing witch will decide whether the magic is good, bad, black or white and when it comes to love spells whether you are trying to reconnect with a lover or perhaps attract a new lover altogether it is far better that your magic be kept pure, therefore your will and intent are highly important and it matters not whether you cast the spell or employ a practitioner to do your bidding, your actions and attitudes will impact the outcome of your work either way, for once a practitioner has conducted your rituals or spells his or her energy is withdrawn and then it becomes your chore to keep your magic flowing unhindered by maintaining a positive outlook and focus and by staying mindful and proactive in your magical approach.

Staying proactive in your magical approach can include the casting of other spells and rituals that compliment your desires and advance your goals, you can also meditate, light candles and incense, utilize affirmations on a daily basis and if you are working to unite or reunite with a lover you should not overly obsess with whom your lover may or may not be dating, every time you picture the one you love in someones arms other than your own, it is the same as if you set the two of them up on a date, because thoughts are real energy and you are projecting that energy towards them, you are doing nothing more than giving away your own personal power and setting yourself up for defeat and reinforcing the connection that the one you love may be developing with someone else, instead you have to learn to program your thought process, you have to learn to picture the outcome you desire from your spells and rituals, your attitude has to become a beacon of your desire, part of any magical process dealing with love, especially where reuniting with a lover is the focus should include a healing period where the focus is on freeing yourself from the entanglement of past heartbreak, in order to move forward in life and yes, even if your desire is to reconnect with a lover, you want to move forward, you want to take that relationship to a different level, you do not want to reunite with your lover and resume the same relationship that ended, if you do, it will just end again and probably the next go around it will be for good with no hope of reconciling, it is true that we cannot go back and rewrite history, but we can recreate our life path anytime that we have the mind to do so, and in recreating our life path we can program our future to be what we most desire it to be, we have control over our life and our destiny, and we do not have to succumb to defeat, we don't have to listen to those around us whose only intentions are to impeded and to stunt our spiritual growth and process.

The only way to manifest your desires was to work for them and learn not to allow those whose intentions of keeping you down to be a deciding factor in your life! Knowledge is the key to success in life, it doesn't matter what you do for a living or what your spiritual or religious background may be, if you fail to educate yourself about the personal path you must walk in this life, you will then walk your path stumbling head-on into ignorance and you will suffer one tragic loss after another, and ignorance is a refusal of the light, one should always strive to learn and to grow and wisdom is gleamed through the knowledge that is collected.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-03, 04:22

saw this comment online, and thought it might give some faith to all. for anyone practicing magick, or seeking help:

Too many so called magicians nowadays spend way too much time contemplating the karmic consequences of their magic and by doing so cripple themselves from doing any magic at all. The word “karma” itself just means action, and any act we do has repercussions, good, bad or neutral. All magic is manipulative (we are manipulating energies/natural forces afterall) and affects others to some extent or another. When you weave the threads of the web of fate to your benefit (or that of a loved one) it nonetheless affects the threads of fate of others (in a positive or negative way) whether we intend to or not. We are all interconnected. We are One, and as the quantum physicists say the movements of the wings of a butterfly in one part of the world may affect the weather in another part of the world. So rather than worry and walk on pins and needles when it comes to our magic we need to focus on the outcomes we wish to produce and let the chips fall where they will. Learn to live with and enjoy the consequences of your actions, and let the gods enjoy their play.

Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

Isaiah 41:23 Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.

John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?

As Dr. Hyatt says, “We believe it is time that we begin to act like the gods we were created to be.”
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-04, 01:22

Psychic Attack

by Phelan (

Speak not lest the spell be broken, these words boom in my head like thunder booming in the distant sky. It is hard to face and learn some of the lessons that our elders are trying to teach us, and speaking of ones Magic to those who might belittle it, will only weaken it and may even jeopardize the end result of our Magical goals!

If you are a Spell-Caster or if you are seeking help from a Witch, Wizard, Wise Woman or Practitioner you must not speak about your weavings to anyone, to do so will cause great harm to the flow of your energy, Magic must be safeguarded at all times, no one owns the bragging rights to that which he cannot possess and Magic cannot be possessed, for it is not a possession, it is a gift that is given to us by the Divine Life-Force and it flows through us, just as it is given it can be taken from us!

Practitioners of the Magical Art must learn to manipulate the elements in order to produce the desired outcome and we often utilize many different Magical Tools, techniques and systems of Magic, the energy that is Magic is one in the same, however the techniques that is applied and the intent of the Practitioner will determine if it is a positive form of Magic or negative, keep in mind that it is all the same energy, meaning it flows from the same source and evolves from the same energy pool.

Magic is not good, bad, black or white, that is until it is conjured and released by the Practitioner, and it saddens me to say that there are plenty of bad Practitioners, and energy is very real and if it is unleashed against someone in a negative manner it can and often does produce devastating results, which is the effect that the Venomous Spell-Caster had in mind in the first place.

There are and will always be those individual among us who could care less about the Karmic ramifications that will arise from their dirty little deeds, they have no concept of their own Spirituality and their focus is not on living a clean and productive life, their agenda means everything to them, even at the expense of the ones that they love and in most cases an addiction to instant gratification has developed and in essence it has replaced their ability to look at things in a calm and rational manner, as a result they lose their focus and their life suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

I believe that people are good in general, meaning that we do not originate into the Earth Plane with a desire or a need to take over the Universe and to cause harm, I feel strongly that our circumstances and those that we become involved with can have a great impact on our development and influence us in a negative way if we are of weak mind and character to begin with, like attracts like.

There are many symptoms that could possibly identify that a Magical attack is taking place or being worked against you, a few of the symptoms can be chronic fatigue, panic attacks, night sweats, severe headaches, a loss of appetite, food becomes tasteless, or perhaps even tastes like dust, the list can go on and on, in most cases of Psychic attack the Practitioner will tend to pick times that you are most likely vulnerable, such as when you are sleeping, Psychic attack can take the form of many illnesses, such as head colds, respiratory problems, I even witnessed an attack that was so strong against someone that they had a heart attack and died.

Magical attacks can take place just about anywhere, I know a lady who once lost control of her car, well her car was taken over by an energy form and for a lack of a better word we will label it a demon, the car was steering just fine and as she was approaching a bridge the steering wheel locked and became so tight that she couldn't steer it, the only thing that she could do was to hit the breaks, which jerked her around in the middle of the road about three or four times before coming to rest against the side of the bridge, after the car stopped the steering returned to normal, upon her return home she learned that a roommate of hers witnessed a huge dark smoky cloud hovering just above her car, that same cloud of smoke had been seen wandering the halls of her home in the twilight hours, as it turned out another roommate that she had, had unleashed the demon against her to get even with her for making her move, we did an exorcism on her home and discovered a black book of shadows hidden in the closet of her teenage son, which was the room that Jackie had stayed in when she lived there, her son was in a boarding school during the school year, so she rented his room to help out with the bills, like I told her, know who you are letting into your house!

Evil, negative energy does not need an invitation, that is a myth and on the other hand you will never find a mat at any of my doors that says welcome, because not everyone or everything that turns up on my stoop is welcome to come in and having a sign such as that displayed is only asking for trouble! You are literally giving anyone and anything that approaches your home the green light to come on in, now I am not paranoid, but I do believe in safeguarding my dwelling and its occupants and so should you!

If indeed you are under Psychic attack you should seek the help and advice of a reputable Practitioner, preferably one who is skilled in such matters and someone who is trustworthy, when you are under a Psychic attack you are especially vulnerable and must take great care not to make matters worse by soliciting the help of someone whose only interest is padding their own pockets, do not get me wrong, a fair and reputable Practitioner will charge a fair and reasonable fee for their services but will never knowingly put you in harms way and that means financially as well.

I have witnessed negative Magic especially in situations that involve love triangles, often one or more of the parties will resort to casting a negative spell or have one performed on their behalf, as far as I am concerned there is no man or woman who is worth jeopardizing your own Spiritual growth and well-being, you may get what you desire a little bit faster, but you will not produce lasting results, at least not where love is concerned, love has and will always flow from the positive aspects of Magic and if you resort to black Magic to gain the affection of the one that you love, that is not love in the first place, that is obsession and control, or a lack of control depending on how you look at it.

By your deeds you shall be known and by the company that you keep your reputation will define you, choose your friends wisely, choose your mate with great care, for he or she should balance and compliment your energy, love should never turn violent and there shall never be a struggle for power, keep an eye open on those who oppose you at all times, know where they are and where they are going, shield your heart, hearth and home from those who do evil, allow not those who are unworthy to cross the threshold of your dwelling, your home is your sanctuary, sacred space, it is your temple and should be treated as such, speak not of your Magic to anyone, for as it is said nothing succeeds like a secret and to brag about your workings will tarnish and taint it, it will lessen the force of its power and diminish its strength!

Psychic energy lingers, especially negative energy and it will fuel and refuel disastrous arguments and fights time and time again, this is one of the reasons that I cleanse and clear out the energy in my home periodically, to dispel the negative energy that may have become imprinted and trapped within! I would advise anyone who is having difficulties with finances or relationships to do the same, otherwise you will find that you have become deeply rooted in a negative life pattern and will never be able to break free and make a fresh start! I hope this article is informative and it finds you safely embraced with the ones that you love.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-04, 01:45

Choosing a Practioner

by Phelan (

I am contacted constantly by people who feel that they have been taken advantage of by a psychic, practitioner, wizard, witch, voodoo queen you name it! And while I would be the first to tell you that there are those uncaring, insensitive and even fraudulent beings in my line of work, I am certain that there are plenty of caring, spiritual individuals out there dedicated to their craft and to helping others!

There are many guidelines to go by when looking for someone to work with, and there is much to be considered because you will not only have a financial stake in the work but a spiritual one as well. The number one thing to lookout for is anyone who claims to be able to make everything in your life instantly better and guarantees that it will happen, if you have contacted me in reference to spell work and if you were paying close attention you have to realize that I do not make any guarantees whatsoever, I never have and I never will.

The bottom line is that I cannot even guarantee that a spell that I weave for myself will be successful, nor can anyone else, casting a spell is much like spinning the wheel at a gambling casino, however I would say that if your heart is in the right place and you have the ability to look beyond that which you can see with your physical sight your odds at winning is much higher with the casting of a spell.

Magic is not a great mystery when the principals are applied properly it can produce the desired results, when I am working with someone I constantly repeat myself over and over again by saying stay focused, stay positive, feel and know in your heart that which you seek is within your grasp, and have the patience and intestinal fortitude to go that extra mile, and when it seems as though you have no choice but to admit defeat, look that devil in his eyes and say"I defy you, I reject you oh grand master of defeat, for I will be happy in this life as well as the next life to come, I ask not for that which is unattainable, and I shall accept not less than my request."

Spells should be looked at as a request made unto the Goddess, God and The Universe, but beware there are those individuals who will not think twice about weaving a negative spell against you, cursing and binding you to prevent you from attaining happiness, I know that there are some conniving individuals out there who are as real in their craft as I am in mine, but they have crossed the line at times when tempted by greed, and one day they will pay the price and suffer the consequences of their actions, I have bumped heads with a few of these characters over the years a couple of times and I can say that my dealings with them were unpleasant and in most cases it was in defense of a client who had fallen victim to their madness, and yes that word about sums it up. My dealings with them were swift and brief and in most cases they backed down and I have to say that it makes me happy to know that love, especially love that flows from the mother still has the strength to overcome the harshness that we face in our lives today.

A practitioner who is true to himself will always put the well being of his clients first, this is not to say that when someone contacts me that I will jump at the chance to accept their case, recently I was contacted by a lady who wrote me a very disturbing letter as to how she had been taken advantage of by another website and how she was unable to trust that anyone would be able to help her and even went as far as to ask me to prove to her that magic was real and worked, for her it is not, why? because she has become so jaded that there is nothing at all that I could do that would convince her that magic is real, and therefore, it would be impossible for me to be effective in helping her, so I did the only thing that I felt I could do and I turned her down, I felt that it would be a waste of my time and her money, so I declined, I do not accept everyone as a client who happens to land on my site, I have guidelines that I go by and if I feel that I cannot help you in the manner in which you are requesting I will decline and wish you much success in obtaining that which you seek.

Well suffice it to say that she got upset and she lashed out in an email, I explained the reasons why and I also pointed out that she should be glad, because had I been anyone else I would just have accepted her money and life would go on, but I conduct myself and my business in a manner that is conducive to establishing working relationships with my clients, and the livelihood of my business depends greatly on the many referrals that I receive from them, which by the way has been one of the ways that I gauge my effectiveness, because if my clients were not manifesting the changes that they were seeking and getting results with what I am doing for them they would not be sending me their friends and family.

Now let us look at some of the danger signs that you must watch out for when choosing a practitioner of the magical arts.

1.Someone has placed an evil curse on you, your lover or family; and I can remove it and it will only cost you several thousands of dollars.

2.Someone has used roots against you or crossed you up in a prior life.

3. Someone has burned black candles against you and you need my protection!

4. The curse is on your money, send me your money and I will cleanse it for you!

5. I am the only one who can help you with this situation, and if you do not accept my help your wish will not come true!

6. Steer clear of those folks in the tabloids, it is very costly to advertise in them and they are extremely competitive and crafty at getting your business.

7. Anyone who charges more than a nominal fee for their services are not trying to help you, they are only helping themselves to your hard earned money.

I have referenced some practices above that fall into the category of scare tactics, some people will prey on the fact that you are emotional, that you are vulnerable and that you are reaching out for help, when I am contacted by someone I take the time to explain everything to them and to answer their questions, one of the very last things that I always tell a prospective client is to make certain that they are comfortable with me, comfortable with the process of magic that I utilize and that this is the path that they truly want to take in an attempt to reconnect with the one that they love, I also tell them that if anything about our conversation makes them the least bit uncomfortable then I am not the one for them to choose to work with, if you are comfortable you will relax and the energy from your work will flow with less interference!
Now a reputable practitioner is just like every other business man or woman in the universe, they too have bills that have to be covered and paid just like everyone else, and in my case there is almost always some type of an object that goes along with the work that I do and it has to be shipped to my client, so we incur shipping fees and the cost for the amulets, root bags, herbs and candles, just like any other business that cost is passed along to my clients.

Cost for my services depending on what is requested could be as low as $59.95 to several hundred dollars, but my fees will never be in the thousands at least not for a single working, it is possible that I have had clients who may have paid me a good bit for my services over the years, and one of the reasons for this is because once I have helped someone with one issue successfully they will almost always come back to me if they need help in another area of their life. Repeat clientele is good for any business, but unhappy clients will never return, to date I have about an 85% return rate on my clientele, so I guess that I must be doing something's right!

Love spells do not cost $5000.00, $10,000 or $20,000 and these numbers should always raise a red flag in your mind when shopping around for a practitioner to lend you help. I have been studying and practicing magic from age seven, and when I am contacted by a client that claims to have paid a huge sum of money to a psychic for magical services it sends cold chills down my spine, and I have to wonder what type of magic are they weaving to justify those types of fees.

Now anyone who simply labels themselves as a psychic has no business trying to cast a spell, I am a Witch, a Master of my Craft who happens to be a very good psychic, but being a psychic doesn't have anything at all to do with the casting of spells, psychics predict the future and they use many gifts to do so, but just because someone is psychic doesn't mean that they possess the ability to cast a spell successfully, unless they have studied and mastered some sort of magical process. There are many spell weavers out there who are wonderful psychics, but one can be a spell weaver without being a psychic! The difference between the two is that psychics predict and spell weavers get results! When choosing a practitioner you want and need a spell weaver!

Now I have always looked at things from a realistic view point and I know that not every client that I work with will see positive results, magic as I have stated numerous times is a personal thing and should always be weaved from the heart, the link is not between myself and the object of my clients desire, it is between the two of them, so it is very important for my client to understand the need to keep a positive outlook and focus on the bottom line, whatever that may be and do not undermine the process by emphasizing the negative aspects of the situation!

Recently a young woman wrote to me and she told me that she would get very irritated when I would tell her to stay focused, she said the reason that she would is because she wasn't certain what the focus should be on, well she went on to say that she discovered that the focus was about her on growth and the direction that her life was to take and that he would eventually find his way to her.

Now here is the deal, if you love someone enough to go to the extreme of having a love spells or other work done to re-attract him/her into your life your focus should be about that, the bottom line should be about the two of you coming back together, now please do not get me wrong, there is a difference between focusing and stalking, focusing will lend strength to your task, while stalking will get your behind thrown in jail, so please know or learn the difference between the two!

Love is always good and will heal many open wounds, but obsession will lead you down a very long and winding road filled with despair and disappointment, The Universe is a great teacher and will almost always stack the deck against you if your motives are not pure and if your actions come from any other place than love, so feel the passion, and share the warmth that is in your heart, make certain that the energy that you are giving off comes from your light within and not from some unpredictable dark-side of your nature that is motivated by misery, you know what they say"misery loves company!"

I just love these people who claim that they can get your man or woman back in just a few short hours, days or weeks, I scoff at these fools, and anyone who falls for that has a hard lesson to learn, magic is wonderful it can and will open many doors of opportunities, but adheres to no timeframe other than its on. All situations are individual and unique, there are those lucky souls that I weave love spells for whose request are granted in a short period of time, and then there are some that may take months even a year or two longer to manifest positive results, the difference is the energy of the situation and the timing of the spell, the timing of the spell can usually be equated with the growth patterns in the individuals' life that the working is being done for, another words you need to stop and take a look at your actions, and behavior that played a role in creating the situation that you are dealing with, and you need to take steps to change or to break free of the negative life patterns that you are currently stuck in, if not you will only be doomed to repeat that same old lesson again, if not with the one that you loved before, with the one that you come to love after words!

Choosing a practitioner is very much like choosing a healthcare provider, you always want to make certain that the one that you choose to assist you in your long journey back to the one that you love is a spiritual individual with a firm grasp on who he or she is and with an ironclad faith in his or her craft. You also want to keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and what I mean by this is that spells that cost $19.95 are rarely going to work, it takes a lot of time and energy for someone to cast a spell, so you have to figure that into the scheme of things as well as the supplies that they need to perform your individual ritual, on the other hand as I have stated above there aren't any spells that should cost thousands and thousands of dollars, proprietors are free to charge whatever they feel is fair, but a true to life Witch Practitioner will never knowingly place someone in harms way by placing upon them a financial burden that may lead to hardship and ruin!

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-06, 00:24

Feeling stuck?
by Robert Anthony

If you feel stuck in any area of your life it could very well be
due to a lack of forgiveness. Perhaps you are having trouble
forgiving someone else or yourself. It doesn't matter. Holding on
to past memories or "stories" is guaranteed to tie up your energy
and block your ability to attract what you want.

I struggled with forgiveness for many years because I believed that
if I forgave someone they would not receive the "just punishment"
they deserved for what they had done to me. But as I looked at that
belief I realized it was just that, a belief. In fact, it was just
an assumption and an illusion.

What I learned is that the universe will always seek balance and it
will deal with that person or situation in the appropriate way,
even if it that means letting them off the hook. The outcome in
their life has nothing to do with the outcome in my life unless I
choose to keep myself tied to it.

If you think about it, when you choose to forgive someone, it is
nothing more than an ego trip. When you say "I forgive you",
what you are really saying is you have some sort of hold over them.
By saying "I forgive you", you decree that you are pronouncing
them "free" of your resentment. That isn't forgiveness. That's an
ego trip.

There is really nothing to forgive. What we call forgiveness is
simply letting go. It is not placing judgment on other people or
yourself. When you are truly conscious you realize that nothing
"bad" or "wrong" happened. You may judge it as "bad" or "wrong",
but from the view of ALL THAT IS what occurred is simply what
occurred. It's over. It's done. It's history.

Because we believe something "bad" happened, we still think of
ourselves as being victimized no matter how much we try to forgive.
So we are caught up between two conflicting energies. One is to
condemn and blame and the other is to forgive. This is why we
struggle with forgiveness.

However, when we are truly conscious we realize nothing "bad",
"negative" or "evil" happened at all. In fact, what happened didn't
happen TO you but FOR you. It happened to help you to awaken and
grow. It was part of your life lesson to bring you to where you are
right now and to allow you to let go of your "story" of
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-13, 12:26

Developing Intuition

by Karim Hajee

"Where is that darn sheet of paper?" I kept asking myself.
I looked everywhere (or so I thought) but couldn't find it anywhere.

A few days ago I got an important phone call and had to
write down some crucial information and follow up within a few days.
I jotted everything down on a piece of paper and left it beside my computer on my desk (or so I thought).

But I went looking for it and it wasn't there. "Where is that darnn sheet of paper?"
I kept asking myself.

I looked and looked and couldn't find it.

Was it in the trash?

Actually it was right in front of me all along and had I listened
to my intuition I could have saved myself a lot of time.

Today I'll show you how to develop your intuition and I'll also show you how to
follow your intuition (I learn from my mistakes and save you time) so
that you always make the right decision and get what you want.

Everyday your intuition guides you, helps you, tries to save you
some time, sends little messages that will make life better for you if you listened and followed.

But most of us (myself included) don't always listen to that little voice. We don't
always follow what it says.

It will say something, we may hear or recognize the message, but then we get
distracted and we forget about it, only to realize later "should have listened to that voice."

That voice is your intuition. It's like your best friend; it only says and does things to help you.
It only wants to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Once you know how to ask your intuition for guidance
you'll get the right responses and the right instructions.

Then you have to listen and follow, which is where most people fail.

That only happens because your conscious mind, that rational thinking part of you,
doesn't always agree with your intuition and will often put up a fight, give some resistance
and try to get you to do the exact opposite of what your intuition wants you to do.

But once you know how to respond, life gets easier and you get more of what you want.

How do you tap into your intuition? How do you get the right answers so that you get
more of what you want? And how do you follow your intuition so that things work out?

Let's go back to my sheet of paper that I just couldn't find.

I needed that piece of paper. It had some important information.

Earlier in the day I was playing with my 3-year old son who was making me chase him
around the house, he gets a big laugh out of that.
I spotted him in a room where he was holding a piece of paper. At the time I wasn't looking for that piece of paper but wanted to see what he had.
Something told me it might be important (that was my intuition trying to save me some time).

I tried to get the piece of paper from him but he thought it was part of the fun and ran off.
I later spotted him stuffing the piece of paper into a box and when I went towards him he
laughed and ran off again.
I got caught up in his game (and the fun) and kept chasing him.

Something told me (that intuition again) to go back and see what that piece of paper
was (we don't leave too many thing lying around with a set of 3-year old twins and a
one year old reaching and grabbing anything).

But I got distracted, kept playing with him and forgot about it.

Later that day I was looking for that important piece of paper, the one I had left on
my desk next to my computer (you know where this is going).

I knew that paper existed. I had seen it a day earlier.

But it wasn't there.

I kept asking: "Where is that darnn piece of paper?"

It had to be in the house or in the garbage.

I searched the house (so I thought) and couldn't find it.

Now it was time to check the trash (oh, how I hate doing that),
which was just like giving up since I knew it wasn't in the trash, but I had to check anyway.

Just as I was opening the garbage bag my wife said:

"Hey wait a minute. Was it a lined piece of paper?"

"Yes it was."

"I thought I saw something in a box, let me take a look."

Then it hit me.
My son had stuffed a piece of paper in the box that I was supposed to check to see
if it was anything important only I got distracted and forgot about it
(that was my intuition guiding me again).

My wife checked the piece of paper and sure enough...

"Here it is..."

My son had grabbed the piece of paper off my desk and stuffed it in a box.

Those of you who have kids are probably laughing at this because something similar
has probably happened in the past.

But that's not my point.

My point is that earlier in the day, while I was playing with my son, my intuition
showed me the piece of paper that I would need later in the day.

I even got a feeling/message to go back and check that piece of paper to see
what it was; but I didn't follow up and I didn't follow the intuitive message.

So now I needed that paper, and had to get my intuition to help me.

I knew the paper existed.
I kept asking for it when I said: "where's that darn piece of paper?"

I trusted and let go when I decided to check the garbage
(the last spot to check) even though I knew it could never be in the garbage.

While I was heading outside check the trash I said to myself: "Oh well, I guess I'll have to
wait until they call me back and ask why I didn't follow up. I'll simply tell them the truth and
deal with the consequences, that's all I can do."

What happened is a clear example of how our intuition is always
communicating with us and guiding us. It also shows how we can communicate with
our intuition to get help when we need it.

Here's how it works.

First realize that what you want already exists. It's here, its in this world, you're within reach
of it all you have to do is find it.

So decide what guidance or information you want. Realize that the
answers already exist.

If you want something in particular like a better job, a new
relationship, a new home or trying to find an important document, realize that what you want already exists.
This is very important. Because if you don't believe it
exists you'll never see it, even if it stands up and slaps you in the face.

Next, ask for what you want.

I kept saying where is that darn sheet of paper?
I also kept saying what did I do with it? Where did I put it? What happened to it?

If you want the right job, ask for it. Say: I want the right job, where is the right job for me?
I know it exists so where is it? I want the right job.

Then let go. Tell yourself you've found what you want and leave it alone.

I let go when I accepted that I couldn't find that piece of paper, but decided to check the trash anyway.
I also said to myself: "I guess I'll just have to wait until they call me back and ask
why I never followed up. I'll simply tell them I misplaced the information and deal with the consequences."
That's when I let go of it.

Within a few minutes of letting go, my wife called out to me when she found a
piece of paper with some notes on it. The paper was found.

You need to let go and you do that by realizing that your happiness does not depend
on something happening in your life and that you'll find a solution.
Your happiness doesn't depend on whether you have a job or not.
Your happiness does not depend on whether you are in a relationship or not.

If you want to be happy, be happy.
Focus on positive things and let go of what you want.
Then it will flow to you easily.

So think about what you want.
Know that what you want exists already.
Ask for what you want.
Let go of it by accepting that your happiness doesn't depend
on you having what you want.
Get your intuition working for you today.
Develop your intuition, this is a powerful partner who can make your life easier and guide you to success.
Your subconscious mind and your intuition work together, always bringing you what you want.

Your intuition is your powerful partner.
It is always guiding you and bringing you answers everyday.
You just need to see them and recognize the guidance you're getting.
You ask your intuition by using your thoughts.
It brings you what you want based on what you think about.
So think about what you want.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in your ability.

You are a powerful human being, capable of creating what ever you want in life.
You can achieve your goals.
You can succeed.
You can live your dreams.
You can enjoy a better life.
Get your intuition and your subconscious mind to help you create more of what you want.
Everything you want already exists.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-17, 06:10

am drawn to have a reading with this author.

How to Identify a Soul-mate Connection

by DJ Ownbey

Being a professional love psychic now for over twenty years, I have been involved in so many Soul Mate Connections, that I can spot a soul mate in my sleep. So many people come to me thinking that they are not with their Soul Mate, because their connection does not exactly seem the way they have heard it “should be.”

Soul Mate Signs:

Immediately you get this surge of energy. In some cases, I have seen where the two were friends for years and then one day boom. It is hard to capture into words, but it is so strong you will definitely know when it happens.

You can’t get them out of your head. It is hard to stop thinking about them.

You have a psychic connection to what they are thinking and feeling. You often will finish each other’s sentences. If there is something wrong with them you will feel the same things they are feeling without any physical knowledge of it. Many clients have described actually getting pains when their Soul Mate was involved in an accident.

Although your honest friends don’t think they are that attractive, you feel an intense sexual energy and magnetism to them. Sex is awesome and it takes you to a whole new dimension that you have never experienced. It is like sex at the soul level, instead of sex at the body level.

There are many differences. Many times, this is not someone you would ordinarily pick intellectually. This is because you didn’t pick them, the higher power did! I have found that there are a lot of differences with Soul Mates. Often times, your connection doesn’t make any logical sense. I believe that the higher power brings these connections into our experience for soul growth, to expand our perceptions of the world. These soul connections help us to get out of the mental box and go beyond are current conditioning, of course if you are both the same, there is not much potential for growth. There can be some pain involved in growth.

With these connections everything is magnified. When things are good it is like a drug. When things are bad it is like going through the depths of hell. People that have never had a connection like this will think you are crazy, at how emotionally intense you are feeling when things appear not to be going so good.
These connections teach us so much and of course there are some pains in growing.

These Soul Connections, bring up emotions from deep within you that you never knew you had (e.g. insecurities, jealousy, etc), important issues you need to work through to manifest a higher degree of soul evolution and awareness in your experience. They teach you to establish a very strong foundation within yourself. Many times, this is why it comes everything is great and then they disappear. These disappearances happen so you can establish a very strong foundation within yourself.

Connection this strong can suck you right off of you own inner foundation. Self love is often the lesson soulmates come to teach, especially when things seem like they are not working. If you are having a challenge with your soulmate connection, I recommend that you work with Louise hay books and audios.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-18, 22:08

Conscious Creation in Relationships

by Mi'chell (

There are so many different techniques and strategies available to us that can aid us in learning how to "consciously" create the kind of circumstances and experiences we desire in our lives.

Where ever the source of the knowledge is derived from, whatever the method used, the most important purpose that these serve is getting you to a place WITHIN YOURSELF where you have *consciously* tapped into your own natural creative process.

In other words, the techniques and strategies that you may use serve the purpose of helping you reach the point within yourself where you realize that the bottom line in whether you succeed in consciously creating a specific circumstance or outcome is through YOUR OWN CHOICE.

From the deepest level of yourself, from your CORE, you are making a choice in every moment. And you either make that choice to create what you desire, or you don't.

It's really not as difficult as it may seem.

The most mind-boggling aspect of this is the fact that it actually seems "TOO SIMPLE".

Many of us were taught that we must work hard and STRUGGLE to accomplish our goals.

And while it IS true that hard work CAN help you reach your goals, it however, DOES NOT hold any guarantee that it WILL.

Many of you can attest with years of personal experience supporting that all of your hard work and tremendous efforts have not been enough to reach your personal goals.

So what makes the difference?

Whether you work hard or you don't -- Whether you reach your goals or not is dependent upon some deeper element. And that deeper element is the CHOICES you are making at a CORE level.

An inside secret...

Most of what many of us would consider to be our "beliefs" are really our deeper CHOICES.

Evaluating your beliefs in this new light can create profound and healing insights for you.

So whatever it is that you are trying to create, remember this:

No matter what books you may read, or self-help or meditation programs you may use, or any other "tools" out there intended to help you learn how to consciously create...

In the end, the determining factor of your success will *ALWAYS* be determined by the CORE LEVEL CHOICES that you are making.

Have you ever read self-help books that told you to replace your negative thoughts and beliefs with more positive ones? And told you to "think positive"?

This is because your beliefs ARE CHOICES you are making. If you do succeed in doing this then naturally you will begin to have more positive experiences in your life.

And even *IF* a belief you may be holding does seem to be TRUE... There is a deeper element in this to consider. And that is the fact that when you grasp the reality that your beliefs are also choices (often UNCONSCIOUS choices) that you are making, you then tap into the power within your being to CHOOSE differently, to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE for something better, for a more positive outcome.

To make a conscious choice from a place of creative power within yourself- THIS is where your power is found.

When it comes to successfully consciously creating, you are making a conscious choice from your CORE level and holding steadfast to it with unwavering dedication.

When this is done, the other aspects of your being tend to more easily align with whatever that choice is...

As I've often said so many times before...

Whenever one sets out to accomplish any endeavor, they are making a *choice* to consciously create a particular event or set of circumstances. It's not a matter of "when" it will happen or "if" it will happen. It's about that deep sense of confidence that what they choose to create will manifest, simply because they have the desire and realize that the power exists within their own being.

And the power DOES exist within your own being.

It is about making a CHOICE, and remaining dedicated to that decision.

In regards to romantic relationships in particular, there is something I would like to share with you.

Emotions are contagious.

The emotions that you feel can effect others on conscious and even UNCONSCIOUS levels.

This is true in terms of negative emotions, but the good news it is that it is also true for POSITIVE emotions.

A common emotional response when dealing with a break up or an emotional separation of some sort (or an otherwise emotionally painful experience) is to experience a sudden WITHDRAWAL of your loving emotions for your loved one. You may still feel those feelings (in the back of your heart) but they now have this painful stigma attached to them that seems to be taking precedence in your heart and emotional state.

What often hurts the most when we've encountered an emotionally painful situation is NOT necessarily what we believe it to be.

Many times we believe the pain is caused by the other person's rejection of our love (or by the sense that we are experiencing an emotionally severance). That would seem to make sense. But look more deeply.

What often hurts EVEN more than the rejection of our love is the WITHDRAWAL of our own love.

You may feel like a huge red light or stop sign has been constructed between the two of you. And although you may want to keep feeling and giving your love for them, or even try to do things to show them just how much you love them, a common emotional response is to withdrawal those feelings of love that you have for the person back into your heart, to close your heart.

It is an often unconscious defense mechanism, an unconscious attempt to protect our hearts. But it often creates even more pain for us.

This is what causes that sense of emptiness in our hearts- the withdrawal of OUR FEELINGS. This is what causes that building painful pressure in our hearts during these times- HOLDING BACK OUR OWN FEELINGS OF LOVE. What caused us to feel this way isn't AS much to do with the rejection (or loss) as we may have thought, but instead, the emotional response that the rejection (or loss) has triggered within us: the withdrawal of our OWN love.

Holding back feelings of love and feeling that you must can be incredibly painful for our hearts.

Really pay attention to what that feeling of rejection and emotional loss has felt like in your life. Did it not feel like a powerful vortex retracting the "good" feelings in your heart backwards and locking them deeply within your heart? The sudden emptiness, the sudden heaviness -- Withdrawing our feelings, holding them back...

The sense of emptiness is caused by our feelings withdrawing, being quickly retracted, or pulled back. The sense of heaviness is a result of attempting to bury our feelings deep inside our hearts.

When we realize this is what is happening during these times, this can bring us tremendous healing and empowerment.

Remember that it is LOVE and actively FEELING our LOVE that causes us feel close with our loved ones. And this still applies in terms of any form of loss. Because LOVE creates-LOVE IS an eternal bond.

Within the context of romantic relationships, whenever we have suffered a break up or separation, it seems that many times our first emotional reaction is to unconsciously withdrawal our feelings of love for the person, yet sometimes go to lengths to put such emphasis on "externally" proving our love... Yet this doesn't always seem to work very well at saving the relationship as many may be hoping that it will.

Often times it is the EXACT opposite of this behavior that is needed in order for the relationship to have a greater chance of being saved. Where instead, you KEEP YOUR LOVE FLOWING within your own heart. All the more during times where you may be experiencing the other person pulling away. And where your emphasis is focused primarily upon your own INTERNAL STATE and where you want it to be.

Emotions are powerful. And since emotions are contagious, you have the power to influence others with your own emotions. If you learn to take control over your own emotional state, you also have the power to consciously and unconsciously influence others with the POSITIVE emotions of your CHOICE.

This can be done by creating an internal state within yourself of the feelings you wish to experience with the other person. It can be based upon a memory of better times or the positive emotions of your daydreams. Or it can be a whole new set of positive feelings. Whatever triggers within you the feelings that you would like to be experiencing in your reality with the person.

Allow yourself to feel those positive feelings- Of love, unity, blissfulness, joy... And continue to allow these feelings to flow freely. When you think of the other person, let your thoughts of this person intermingle with the positive feelings of your emotional state. And allow these positive feelings to FLOW FREELY to the other person. It doesn't matter if they are standing right in front of you or miles away. Just let these feelings flow to them.

It is YOUR EMOTIONS that people respond to in relationships. If you have better control over your own emotional state, that also means that you have much more control over the emotional experience that you both share together...

People tend to "match rapport" with one another, often UNCONSCIOUSLY.

If you remain self-aware, and you keep your emotional state firm in the emotional tone that you would like to create with another person, or in a relationship, it will become much easier for you to create the kinds of emotional experiences you seek to share with others.

And if you do encounter someone withdrawing and pulling away from you, or otherwise causing you emotional pain in some way, remember to pay attention to your own emotional responses and the kind of outcomes that they do (or don't) create for you and your situation.

Begin using the power of your own emotions to work for you in your relationships instead of against you. You have so much greater power within you than you probably give yourself credit for.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by cheekaboo on 2011-08-19, 10:58

Excellent read thanks Geri Smile

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-19, 11:37

no problem, carrm. am glad you liked it. Smile i like posting things up from sensible yet spiritual authors.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by cheekaboo on 2011-08-19, 11:42

Keep em coming hun Very Happy

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by Maggie on 2011-08-19, 16:23

Geri, you always post great stuff. I seldom comment on them, because mine isn't a relationship ordeal. I did want to give you kudos for the info. you provide to others!Smile Smile Smile

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-19, 21:38

mag, thanks! I love you will try to post more generic stuff for ya Wink
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-08-19, 21:47

The Most Powerful Love Spell

by DJ Ownbey

Clients come to me now from all over the world, in very distressed love situations. So, over the years, I have experimented with different techniques in working with them to find a solution.

The common denominator that I am finding with people that are either seeking love and can’t find it, or have love and it is not good. They are intensely focused, on a person or finding love out there, they have lost touched with themselves.

This is not good, because your power is always within you. If you are always thinking about “them” then you have lost yourself!

Jesus said, “love your neighbor as yourself.” As we look into this deeper, it contains one of the most powerful secrets of the ages. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST OR YOU CAN NOT LOVE ANYONE ELSE TRULY!

I cannot give anything better to you then I give to myself. This is just a simple truth…that is well established.

The other twist to loving the self is this; you lead the way in how others are going to treat you. The better you treat and see yourself it leads the way for the world to do the same.

Metaphysics teaches you have to have an inner equivalent to an outer good, so when you have inner love of self, naturally you will have the outer equivalent (happy love relationships).

So you think you love yourself do you? Talk is cheap! Find out if you really love yourself by looking at your actions and inner talk toward yourself. Do you beat yourself up and always place yourself below other people? Are you taking good care of your body? Are you filling your body with nutritous foods, working out regularly, and pursuing your passions in life? Do you have hobbies that you love to do? Are you working in a good atmosphere where people treat you with respect? Do you wake up in the morning and smile at yourself in the mirror?

If not, well you may not love yourself as much as you thought! Don’t use this to beat yourself up more though! It is ok.. We live in a society of people that feels by putting others down it somehow raises them up. Society is constantly trying to devalue us and make us feel just a little less. Buy this or that and then you will be complete.

People that love themselves truly, don’t have the need for many “things.” They also don’t have the need to compete with others or put others down to make themselves feel superior. They have the silent confidence of being “the treasure here.” If you genuinely love yourself you are very loving in your actions towards others, because you feel so good inside that you want others to feel the same! You also realize that everything you give out is going to come back to you, so when you are loving to others you are really just loving yourself.

If you can’t love yourself in the present moment you never will…no matter how many things, people, or possessions you acquire. So this materialistic programming that society has put in our heads, ” Once I get this or that then I will love myself and be happy,” is nonsense!

I have clients in Beverly Hills, they have homes all over the world and everything else one could imagine, that are absolutely miserable! Yes their lives look so happy from the outside looking in, but I see the truth of what is inside of them and in many cases it is so much pain and insecurity. They believed in “once I get this or that then I will be complete!”

Don’t spend your life on the treadmill like so many of them, trying to find self love in people, achievement, world approval, and things.

Try saying just this simple affirmation for 40 days, “I love and approve of myself 100 percent” and see the results for yourself. In addition, read Hay’s books during that time (they are now available on audio for people on the go) and you will see that your love life is transformed. You will be amazed!
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by Ishh on 2011-09-24, 04:41

Geri these are amazing... u have taken much effort... Though i could not make to read all but i scrolled and took overview... I am speechless.. with the depth covered be this person... its truely worth appreciation... I ll read all soon.... Thanks for sharing....

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-09-24, 12:46

hey Ishh, no problem! just do what i can to help. Smile
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-09-29, 05:03

Undergoing Dark Times into Brighter Endings
by Enoch Tan

There are times when things have to get worse before they can get better. A person might have to leave or be fired from their current job if they are to obtain a better joy, be compelled to start their own business or enter their true vocation of their calling. Sometimes a person might leave or lose their current relationship if they are to create a different relationship, even if it’s to be within the one they are presently engaged. This is the act of undergoing dark times in order to emerge into a much better state of life.

We see the process of metamorphosis in the natural elements. Sand must be exposed to extreme heat to transform into molten glass. Coal must undergo extreme heat and pressure to be turned into diamond. This is very much what is required to happen in our lives as well. An object is turned into something else that is of greater use and value. We may fear that we’re losing who we’re when we are actually becoming a different and better person. We’re still the same in essence but new in form and function.

At times like these, it seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be chaotic and frustrating but it is really a good sign. When your whole world seems to rock on its foundation, hold on steadily and let it rock because when the rocking is over, the pieces of the puzzle would have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire. So this is a really wonderful thing because no matter how trying the times are you ultimately end up closer to what you want than ever.

It is our resistance to change that causes a negative spiral. You may have set the best intentions for your dreams and desires. You took positive action while maintaining a positive expectation. You may have put yourself into a high state of vibrational harmony by feeling unwavering faith. You may have embraced the essence of your being as unlimited and you have maintained your connection to the source even though the signs and circumstances around you have been contradictory. And then, it happens.

As if by the strong currents and the magnetic swirl of a black-hole, you find your entire world being sucked into an upside-down, inside-out tunnel of ridiculous, unfortunate accidents, communication breakdowns, emotional plunges and cognitive dissonance. You wonder what in the world is going on. This is the time to stop wondering and to start creating. Anyone can feel good under good conditions, but that’s not really practicing deliberate creation. That’s just a natural perpetuation of what’s already going on.

That’s like looking at a good harvest, and feeling glad that you have bumper crop. It’s not about creation. It’s just about responding to conditions. It’s just about offering a vibration in response to what you are seeing. But when you are able to offer a vibration that’s different than what you are seeing through the act of making yourself see something different than what’s most dominant before you, that’s when you’re a deliberate creator. True faith is challenged only when things seem to go from bad to worse.

By choosing to relax into the rapids instead of fighting the current, you may find yourself enjoying the ride and laughing at the changes as you eventually land on the other end of the flood. And, if you found a way to trust in the Divine Order, you’ll now find you have more of what you want, not less! That is why detachment is so important as part of the manifestation process. It is our struggles and worries that block what we want from coming. In the place of no expectation, we’re able to manifest all possibility.

When you become a force of nature instead of fighting the forces of nature, the worst thing an unforeseen event might do is delay the inevitable attainment of your goal. You view success and failure with an unwavering detachment. Your intent is so firm that all you know is your goal will be accomplished. Time is of no consequence to you because, like a god looking down from the heavens, eventually all will transpire as you have intended it and neither the winds, the waters nor the wills of man can stop you.

Friction is not an enemy but a natural element which, like the weather, we can sometimes predict, but seldom control. Fighting the friction of life is as futile as fighting a hurricane so instead let it become your teacher as you become it’s most compliant student. What it teaches is the endless value of flexibility and being able to adapt to changing situations. There will always be friction therefore there will always be lessons to learn. Focus on what you can control not on what you can’t control, to be happy.

Moving be like water. Every obstacle is to redirect you in a better way to go. The ultimate success formula is to keep trying something different until you get your end goal. If at first you fail, try and try again with something different. Success is moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. The truth is there are no mistakes in the universe because everything is happening according to God’s perfect plan. Every discovery you make serves to make you surer of your abilities and the results you create.

To become a Force of Nature you must abandon whatever doubt you have about whether or not you deserve to have what you deeply want. You will get what you want if you are clear on what you want, and if you know how to follow your inner guidance in getting it, and if you are absolutely willing to do each step that it guides you to, and if you are flexible enough to embrace and adapt to the friction of life. What you deeply desire is inspired by spirit and the path of attaining it serves as your spiritual evolution.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-09-29, 05:53

Healing by Making Happy and Restoring Wholeness
by Enoch Tan

To heal is to make happy. Think about how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself, and how many you have refused. This is the same as having refused to heal yourself. The light that belongs to you is the light of joy. Radiance is not associated with sorrow. When you are not being wholly joyous yourself, you are depriving others of the joy of responding wholeheartedly. Hurt people hurt people. Only the healed can heal. The whole secret of healing is to receive joy so that you can emanate it.

To be wholehearted you must be happy. Fear and love cannot coexist, therefore it is impossible to be totally fearful and remain alive. The only possible whole state is that of love. There is no difference between love and joy. Therefore the only possible whole state is that of being wholly joyous. To heal or to make joyous is therefore the same as to integrate and to make one. There is no difference between healing yourself and healing others. When you heal yourself, you heal others. Your joy is most important.

True healing is not physical healing but emotional healing. We might seem physically fine but there is always room for us to receive emotional healing. This is not to say that we are emotionally lacking, but that we can always receive more joy and more happiness. At times when we are feeling less joyful are times when we have greater capacity to receive emotional healing. The contrast between a less joyful state and a much more joyful state may feel immense indeed, that we can feel such extreme joy.

Physical ailment is simply a manifestation of internal ailment. A problem has been accumulating on the inside long before it expresses itself in the external world. When you allow yourself to be healed internally at all times, you will never require physical healing. This is the secret of walking in divine health. Watch when you are feeling low and allow yourself to feel better from whatever sources or ways that you can. Let go and detach. Bring yourself to a place of emptiness and do whatever makes you happy.

The reason why we feel less joyous is because we experience less than joyous results in life. It may come in the form of a disappointment or an outcome that is below expectation. We feel a drop in energy in response to our observation. That is the time when we need to allow healing. Take a break. Go do something that you enjoy. Or simply do not do anything at all and just be with yourself. Let go of all control. Relax and release all expectations. The whole purpose is to free yourself in order to recover.

Doing work or taking action towards your goals requires energy. When you have lost energy, it is not the time to continue expending more energy. You will know when you can continue taking action and when you cannot by how you feel. If you feel like doing something, then do it. If you don’t feel like doing anything, then don’t. Always follow your emotional guidance system for it tells you what you need to do in the moment for its optimal use. Going against your feelings would create an imbalance internally.

You will be amazed at how results come about when you do nothing. That is because you are allowing the flow when you heal. Your feelings let you know what to do to rebalance the energy system. Always go with the flow of activity and non-activity according to your feelings. An excess of one or the other will only prevent you from having the results you want. Extreme relaxation is laziness and extreme work is slavery. Both will result in failure and lack of abundance. Imbalance never produces best results.

Freedom is about being free to do and not do. Only those who are free can be happy. Healing is about bringing yourself back to a place of freedom. Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from the past and the wrongful deeds of others. Detachment is about freeing yourself from results. Surrendering is about freeing yourself from needing to be in control of how things are. When you return to a place of no expectation and non-judgment, you’re free. You let go of the goal or hold it less tightly for recovering energy.

Holding on to an intent all the time results in an imbalance because it creates stress. You must exert a certain amount of energy but then you must also let go to recover energy. You will know what to do according to how you feel. Stress is never meant to be experienced for too long because that is when you are out of flow. You must also detach and let go your mind of expectations when it begins to feel like work. Always allow things to be done naturally. Intend when you want to and relax when you desire.

Never ever work too hard for results. You must work and you must rest. Follow the principle of rhythm in your actions and mental activity, and you will experience optimal wealth creation in every area of your life. Every energy system in the universe needs recharging and recovery, so does yours. You must act and you must intend, and then you must release and you must do nothing. Energy flows two ways, inwards and outwards. Remain in flow by allowing energy to flow in the right direction at the right time.

Realize that you can really heal others by making them happy. Every word of affirmation that you say to them is a healing. Every gesture of appreciation you make to them is a healing. There is always much room for healing that others can benefit from in this realm. Say and do things to lift their spirits and brighten their day. In doing so, you bring them closer to their state of wholeness. You are a healer and you can heal anyone with your ability to make them happy. Emotionally support and restore souls.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by newred on 2011-10-13, 17:49

Hmm really interesting about having readings done after having spell cast for you. The author says it can possibly send mixed signal to the universe. I'd like to hear what peoples' opinions are on this. I myself have had readings done after having spellwork. I'd hate to think it's actually damaged or prolonged the potential outcome of my spell.


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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-10-14, 07:32

You Must Use Emotion to Create What You Desire
by Enoch Tan

The Secret of Creation is Emotion. Emotion is the birthing process. The Universal Mind as Great Mother birthed all things into existence by emotion. The one thing only became the ten thousand things by feeling. The very act of feeling moves and shapes the universal substance. Thought is masculine while feeling is feminine. The feminine gives birth while the masculine impregnates. Only when your thought is turned into feeling will your subconscious mind work upon subjective reality and substantiate idea.

All emotion is energy. As long as there is intense emotion whether positive or negative, you can create what you want. Realize that you can use not only the desirable emotions but also undesirable emotions to create or affect reality. A burst of emotional energy such as frustration or disgust can pull a manifestation into happening. But of course it would be much better to use desirable emotions to create on the long run. Negative energy may have repercussions, but positive energy is pure and complete.

All energy is creative. Creation and destruction are relative terms. Every energetic act is creative in one way or another. In actual fact, all acts are creative. Even when something is being destroyed, the act of destruction itself creates a void. You create space by removing what was occupying space. You destroy one form to create it into another form. You break down one gestalt to form new combinations with it. Every act is ultimately creative in one way or another. All change utilizes emotion and energy.

You have to feel it deep down within. Feel it strongly and intensely. Feeling is the language of miracles. You must not feel lightly but you must feel deeply and strongly. Deep feeling requires concentration. Concentration is the great secret to the manifestation of mind power. Concentrate upon your desire until it becomes saturated in your subconscious. You can only create that which you are, and you’re that which you fill yourself up within. The fullness of a thing within you makes it to become your reality.

Emotion moves things in reality. Psychokinesis is movement of the soul. The soul is emotion and feeling. The feeling of wanting it and having it draws it to you. The feeling of desire moves things in the universe to bring about its own fulfillment. You are moving the universe as much as you are moving your own body. The intention to move is conscious by the very act of moving is controlled by the subconscious. You’re not aware of how you are moving the universe, like how you’re unaware of your body motion.

Everyday you must use emotion to create what you want. This is the only rule. There is no other way by which you create powerfully. Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life. Whether it is regarding prosperity, health, success or happiness, your feelings affect all these areas. Don’t worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. All you need is to take charge of your feelings for the day itself. Let yourself feel and create positively in the present and all is taken cared.

Feel it deeply in your heart and belly centers the thing or outcome that you wish to experience. Those two points are your creative power centers. The combined feeling of what is in your heart and in your gut will produce a very powerful impact onto reality. Your gut is what you believe, and your heart is what you desire. When both what you believe and what you desire are one, then you will produce a manifestation. This is called the energetic alignment. Your energy will flow from your centers into the cosmos.

There is no such thing as something for nothing. No matter what method or tool you use, there must be investment of emotional energy on your part to create results. You cannot create without feeling or putting in emotional energy. It must be done deliberately, and not half-heartedly or with laziness. Center yourself onto a particular feeling or state of mind and hold it there without wavering. When you maintain a particular frequency with consistency, you will receive the full image that is broadcasted into reality.

In the end, everything else is a form and the emotion itself is the essence. Matter is simply energy in-formation. Everything is fundamentally raw, undifferentiated, universal energy which is given form by the information of thought. The substance itself is feeling. It is emotion that turns thought into things. All things are forms of emotions. A car and a house represent the emotion of security or prosperity. A pet dog represents joy and an amusement park represents fun. All things are emotions expressed in forms.

Your thought or intention supplies the direction of power, but your emotion and feeling supplies the power. We must feel our feelings before we can let go of them. Feel it and then let go of it. There must be periods of feeling, and periods of detachment. Let your dominant state be a state of rest and stillness, while at times you make your requests to the universe about what which you desire. Sincere prayer is the soul’s feeling of desire. Only sincere prayer is answered, and it’s received from a place of rest.

You are consciousness and all of reality is consciousness. Consciousness creates by feeling. Emotion is the action of the soul. Use all your emotion to create what you desire everyday. When you feel fully, that is when you are being fully intentional. The problem we tend to have is not that we do not have enough feeling, but that we have mixed feelings. To feel fully means you commit yourself to one feeling fully without mixing it with another that opposes it. Faith means to commit to feeling in a single way.
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None LOA Taking Control

Post by neospirit on 2011-10-15, 21:27

Taking Control

by Shayne Hammond
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

Approximately 10 years ago, on a freezing July night, the cold, hard, truth hit me like a freight train.


On our bedroom floor, my wife was giving birth to our son, he’d come so quickly that we had just called the hospital to tell them we were on our way. But we never made it out of the house.

The complication was he was breech, and when he had come out to his shoulders, the contractions stopped and he stopped coming. My wife and I stayed calm, but for all my trying I just could not get his head out.

While this was happening my sister had called an ambulance, but we were stuck in this position for about 15 minutes before they arrived and were able to fully deliver him.

What I didn’t realise was that the umbilical cord was obstructed and our baby was suffering asphyxiation. When he was finally born our boy was blue, and his heart rate was 40 beats per minute when it should have been 140 beats per minute.

As the paramedics worked on our son, pumping oxygen into his lungs, with a hand pump, I went outside to talk to God.

I'd been studying faith at a local church for a while, and had achieved some small successes. One of the scriptures that has always impressed on me the most was Mark 11:24, “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be though removed and be though cast into the sea, and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things, which he says, shall come to pass. He shall have whatsoever he says.”

This scripture told me I had to take responsibility in the situation, and not wait for something to happen, but make something happen.

I felt strength flow through me as I reminded God what this scripture said. I told God that I was not going to ask for anything but that I was going to take control of the situation.

I had a strong belief that parents are supposed to protect their children, not just naturally but spiritually as well.

I also could not accept the idea that a child would be born just to die ten minutes later.

After my conversation with God I felt fearless and determined. When I went back into the house the main paramedic pulled me aside and asked me if he could have a word with me. With a grim look on his face and a professional tone in his voice he told me, “I don’t think the little blokes gonna make it.”

This was a defining moment, I refused to become afraid and accept his opinion!

Looking directly into his eyes I replied, “No he is going to be fine.” I know I must have had a look that said I meant business, because the paramedic backed off immediately with a quick reply, “Yer Okay.”

It’s amazing how quickly people will change their mind and come into agreement with you when you are clear and absolute about something.

Upon entering the hospital I repeated with conviction, “No he’s going to make it, He’s gonna be just fine,” to any one that spoke to me.

As I stood back and watched Doctors and Nurses buzzing around my son in a hive of activity, things became surreal.

A smiling woman in a white coat approached, “You know when they called in, I thought they’d be bringing in a dead baby, but it’s a miracle, they’ve done a great job, he’s looking good.”

Of course our baby did survive.

But the next day he was placed in intensive care. At a meeting with the head of intensive care, the Doctor explained to us that our baby was ‘fitting’ and this was most likely because he would have suffered brain damage and organ damage due to the lack of oxygen he received during birth. At this point, once again I reassured the Doctor, “No, don’t worry, he’s going to be just fine.” Because of what we had just been through, I thought there’s no way I’m going to start backing off now.

About this time we were interviewed by the hospital psychologist, to see how we were handling the fact our baby would be severely handicapped. After the meeting my wife sneaked a peek at the psychologist’s clipboard and notes. Among other things, my wife noticed the statement, “This couple is not prepared for failure.” It was not written as a positive statement, but I found it incredibly empowering.

The ward is divided into ten sections. Section one for the sickest babies and our son was in this section. Some babies are in section one for months and some never get well. However, within two days our son was in section three and in three days he was in section nine. Within another three days we were taking him home in absolutely perfect condition.

Since that time I have pushed myself to learn as much as possible about this incredible power that saved my son’s life.

What I have learnt I have applied to many different areas of my life, I have used this power to transform my near bankrupt, failing business into a thriving prosperous company that has allowed me an income that has totally changed my lifestyle.

I have seen this power make cancer and arthritis completely disappear from people’s bodies.

I have seen it transform children with learning difficulties and sleeping problems into peaceful intelligent, happy kids.

I have seen it do many incredible, wonderful things in relationships, and every area of life. I believe this power controls the world, and I believe it exists for the benefit of mankind.

I truly believe it’s the answer to every obstacle we face.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:32

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-10-17, 10:15

love the above, neospirit. just what i needed to read at this very moment. Smile
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by R on 2011-10-17, 13:59

Hey guys, I've been reading The Secret and together with this forum, I thought I'll give the LOA a go! In the book, the author mentioned this guy who decided to try it and apparently, he started small - like finding a feather with markings he designed in his head. He got it a few days later.

So I thought, hey, I should start with something small too, like finding a ten cents coin. LOA states that all you have to do is ask for it, then go about your business as if you already have it.

So what I did was, I said out loud - I'm going to find a ten cents coin! I was all positive and happy, then I told myself I already have the coin, so what should I do with it? Then I envisioned myself dropping that coin into my piggy bank, with it landing in a satisfying ching! with the other coins.

I know we're not suppose to bother with the how are we going to get it part, but I couldn't help looking around at the ground whenever I got out of the house haha Very Happy

Then I found it in the most unexpected place - a compartment in my wallet which I never used. I was clearing my wallet out, you know, name cards etc. when I thought of just opening that compartment out to see if I stuffed any rubbish in, and there it was - that ten cents coin Smile I took it to my piggy bank and it did land with a very very very satisfying ching.

Hope this inspires you guys! Very Happy
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by Hope on 2011-10-17, 15:08

@R , your story is so simple and inspiring, sometimes we end up finding what we want in the most unexpected places!

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by Maggie on 2011-10-17, 15:43

How neat R. Your story is inspiring. I will try something like that too. I love that book, too. The movie for some reason to me seemed melodramtic and I couldn't get into it, but the book is a keeper.

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-10-17, 22:36

thanks for the story, R. Smile i've had many experiences on LOA in my life, and i know something will happen for my desire. just that i need to stabilize my emotions right now. i think my confusion also made my readings contradictory to one another.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by geri_ong on 2011-10-21, 01:17

i'm really no expert, but i'm suddenly compelled to write my experiences in dealing with my feelings, hopefully it will help those who read this. i pray to god / universe / higher self to guide my thoughts and hands as i type this. Smile

i know it's tough believing in LOA or have faith when your reality is the opposite of what you want. after all, reality is truth, right? but i don't think so. while i don't think it's mentally sound to escape from reality (what is on this plane of existence) by living in your own world, i do think that it's not good to get swept away into a spiral of depression based on what we see too.

what i do is when a thought comes to mind, and the feelings of fear and sadness come about, i just accept it as a thought and immediately change to a better thought - i.e. visualize what i want, a joke, a funny memory etc. yes, it's hard to know that your beloved or what you truly want is not here with you, or there are other people / egos / situations obstructing the way. it's not easy, but with time, you will get there.

i feel the more we try to resist thinking about something, the more it persists. you cannot try and push your feelings or bury them, because they will keep resurfacing over and over again until you deal with them. the main thing is to accept it as what it is (pure love is all about this), and stay calm, clear your head, and the solutions or signs or whatever that helps will be able to flow into your head easier.

i usually give myself a break, tell myself it's okay, i'm human and i accept every feeling that comes, because this is my navigating system that lets me know what kind of thoughts i should / should not be having. sometimes it's not easy, because the mood swings can really be quite overwhelming, but i perservere (understanding myself, accepting it, and letting go repeatedly) and then it goes away. Smile

also, try and recall experiences that support your beliefs in thoughts becoming reality. i KNOW (not only believe) it's true because i've seen it happening many times to me. these will strengthen you in your journey to attaining what you want.

use the necessary tools and spiritual assistance to help and to bring your mind to focus i.e. candles, herbs, jars, other spiritual workers' assistance etc. and believe that NOTHING can take you away from being yourself, unless you allow it to. i believe in both karma and free will, and i did read somewhere that karma has about 67% influence over our lives, while the remaining percentage is our freewill. so things will happen (people, situations) based on karma, but if we know how to use our freewill intelligently, things can and will change also.

the bible did say to be stringent in your thoughts, words, and deeds. i never really given much thought about this until now. EVERYTHING must be geared towards your intention, no exceptions. but do not hold any expectations that things will magically appear for you. the only expectation to have is that what you will, is rightfully yours (now or someday or next life, lol. who knows? hopefully not next life!). subsequent actions that you need to take will just automatically appear in your head, and you will know what to do.

bottom line is, just learn to love yourself, really. that is the hardest thing to do, in my books. not the ego kind of love, but just pure acceptance. love thy neighbours as thy love thyself. take up thy cross and follow him. just accept everything as it is, and work towards your goal without judgement, fear, expectations, and go with peace, serenity, and calmness.

amen / so be it.
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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

Post by Wylie on 2011-10-21, 01:44

@geri-ong. Wow... very deep and I agree with you. I like to look at it like this...

"what we are experiencing is only an illusion". Stay firm in what you know to be the truth, do not waiver and so, it shall be.

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None Re: Some very helpful tips that may help (but hopefully wouldn't cause any negative thinking)

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