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Post by hopeful on 2011-01-10, 09:53

Hi,as anyone ever tried manifestation master, his name is John hicks

His technique is different to others..

Just to clarify the difference between what I do and what a spell caster may do is that I use my mind alone with no oils, candles, incenses or other paraphernalia and can be done at any time day or night or anytime during the current month without having to use special days or times per month. This is pure mind power only and therefore has no need of props like some others use. I do not make use of radionics machines or anything to do with external gadgetry. I find my mind to be superior as I can decide to make the request simple or even detailed and it will still come to pass

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Post by geri_ong on 2011-01-10, 11:32

did try him before last year. didn't see anything manifest on this plane yet. perhaps changes are occuring in the back scenes Smile
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