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Post by ksiron on 2010-12-06, 14:31

10 years ago, I had used this lady for a reading and then a series of spells, I had just lost track of her over the years and this time I ended up using yaya Maria because Angelina had used Santeria back then and made me a believer.

At the time I remember not being "blown away" by the reading, although she had indeed picked up on quite a few things. She had also (like yaya Maria who also suggested something else than what I wanted) told me she wasn't going to do a spell for what I wanted (again, an ex back) but one to help me cut off any ties and bring new love to my life. And true enough, I had met a great guy very soon after the spell was completed and my ex had called me and I had felt that I really didn't need to speak to him.

This time I started by looking around for her again, but couldn't find her because she has a new website (and I couldn't remember her name either). So after reading here about yaya, I went with her.

Well, she emailed me yesterday, telling me she was thinking about me a lot this last few months and was just "checking up on me". I told her that I was thinking about her around August but had lost track of her and we both said it's a pity etc. (She had actually contacted me again about 5 years ago, just to say hi).

I haven't used her since, or gotten a reading with her since, but my earlier experience with her was awesome in terms of spell results. So here are her sites, if anyone wants to give her a try:

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Post by spsp1 on 2010-12-08, 06:31

Was having a down day just waiting for something to happen so decided to have a reading with Angelina her special offer 1hr $50. I was very disappointed as she kept asking me questions of the situation my response was well I prefer you to tell me and prefer to listen. She claimed that everyone reads differently. It ended up me asking lots of questions and her replying yes or no.

Waste of money and left me feeling somewhat deflated.

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